Become a Member of the JAGS Foundation

Download – JAG’s Foundation Application

JAG’s Foundation Member Requirements:

  • Bi-annually, submit an income statement, check register, bank reconciliation and copy of bank statements to the Vice President Member Services – Amy Christiansen via email (an online form will be available soon).
    • Reporting deadline: January 31st – this is for the period July 1 – December 31.
    • Reporting deadline: September 30th – this is for the period January 1 – June 30.
  • Keep copies of all receipts backing up each check that is written for a minimum of seven years. Supply an receipt copy to the JAGs Treasurer upon request.
  • Prepare an annual budget with approval by your sport booster group.
  • Supply an income statement to any booster club member who requests it.

Member Organizations will:

  • Have bylaws detailing role of each Booster Group officer.
  • Hold an annual meeting presenting the approved budget and volunteer/fundraising expectations for each member.
  • Designate a representative to attend JAGs meetings.
  • Participate in JAGs fundraising activities and provide volunteers when requested.
  • Establish an alumni database ot include athlete name, address, graduation year, email address, parent name.

JAGs Foundation will:

  • Provide 501(c)3 status to member organizations.
  • Provide tax exempt status to member organizations for certain purchases.
  • Prepare a consolidated tax return.
  • Produce/Promote/Sell athletic season passes to students/adults/seniors per District approval.